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Previous versions of

Certainly I've learned a little over the years so these older versions of the site are for the nostalgia ...

Original part 2
First Re-design (part 1)
First Re-design (part 2)
First Re-design (part 3)
Second Re-design (part 1)
Second Re-design (part 2)
Second Re-design (Classic)
Third Re-Design (Illustrated 1)
Illustrated 2
Illustrated 3
Illustrated Minimal
Illustrated Minimal II - Castle
Leaves I
Leaves II
valentines 2011


Previous versions of the logo:

First logo:

Original Huffmania Logo
(This very basic logo was created using Paint.NET.)

Second logo:
Second Logo
(based on a sketch I did, sort of rock and roll-ish, but a little difficult to read which is what ultimatly led to the creation of the next logo ...)

Third logo:

Third Huffmania logothird logo 2Third logo with differnt shading
(This was the first version of the third logo, a significant change and a lot easier to read. The inspiration for hte shape of this font came from the cross-sectional view of a piece of quarter-round.  I came up with this at the time when I was working in AmeriCorps for Habitat and had some experience installing quarter-round at the bottom of base-board.  Most of the lower-case letters are basically a quarter of a circle.  To make this logo I essentially created a glyfph for every letter of the alphabet and attempted to create my own TrueType font using the open-source FontForge.  Unfortunantly I had trouble getting the jpegs of the glyphs recognizable with FontForge.)

Third Logo - version 2:
Third logo - big and shiny version
(For this version I took the logo I made with Paint.NET and scanned it into a vector image using Inkscape.  Then I increased the size and added the shiny reflection with Paint.NET.  The current logo is a smaller version of this logo)

Third Logo - Smaller/Sideways version:

Sideways logoSmaller shiny logo

Current version of logo:

current logo - shiny logo smaller