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look, a photo-diary of my week in Biloxi/Gulfport working with other AmeriCorps and many other volunteers (from as far away as Ireland and New Zealand)
for the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project in the Gulf Coast.  

Uh-oh, Shark attack!

it's important to remember to punch a shark in the face if it attacks, as reinacted by myself and Lisa

sexy means pulling down on your shirt.

big lips

our house work crew, prepairing to be evacuated due to threat of tornados.  


improvised rain ponchos

we took shelter in a nearby chucrch

yikes, a foam insulation mishap


close up of foam mishap

no caption necessary

a slide show sort of, of Jimmy and Rosalynn, Jonathan Reckford, and Chris Montford handing the trow to Southern Asia - the site of next years JRCWP.  

view from 12 stories up

after failing at the slot machines - i found a better way to unwind:  Galaga!

our hotel's bar - the lava lounge.  

my high score.  i got to level 58.  

the hotel next door, under construction.

home sweet home